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Delivering for the Central Coast

Sam Farr grew up on the Central Coast and has devoted his life to helping our people and preserving our natural treasures. As our representative in Congress, he’s won repeated victories for local economic development, better schools, coastal protection, agricultural research, support for our military and more. Through his skill and persistence, he’s helped create thousands of new jobs in our area at a time when they’re desperately needed.

Standing Up for Homeowners

When big-bank speculators crashed the housing market, Sam Farr went to bat for local homeowners. He’s helped pass homeowner relief legislation and protections for future borrowers, while also providing advice and guidance to homeowners facing foreclosure. In addition, Sam has fought to provide more affordable housing here in our area, where home prices are still out of reach for many people. Against tough political resistance, he saw to it that a major portion of the decommissioned Fort Ord site is devoted to good basic housing that ordinary people can afford.

Defending Our Farms and Ag Workers

Sam Farr has long been a leader in the fight to preserve prime agricultural land for farming and to protect ag-related jobs. He’s also pushed relentlessly to improve U.S. food inspection and tracking systems to protect public health and reduce the risk of produce industry shutdowns. He’s delivered the funding for local agricultural research and water reclamation, and created a program in Salinas (the first in the nation) to help farm workers buy their own homes.

Saving Our Environment – to Help Our Economy

Sam Farr fights to protect the Central Coast not just to preserve the beautiful views. He recognizes the value of this spectacular environment to our economy. The new parks he recently won for us at the old Fort Ord site will attract more tourist dollars. His successful ocean protection efforts will mean a better future for fishing. Among his many other victories, Sam has won permanent wilderness protection for the offshore rocks and islands along the entire California coast. He’s also succeeded in doubling the size of the Pinnacles National Monument to protect this natural treasure from urban sprawl.

Keeping Our Teachers On the Job

When the California budget crisis threatened hundreds of our teachers with layoffs, Sam Farr helped deliver the funds to keep them in the classroom, preparing our kids for the future. He’s authored legislation for better teacher training in core subjects and helped obtain funds to reduce class sizes in our overcrowded middle schools. He also spearheaded the conversion of Fort Ord into a new CSU campus and brought a state-of-the-art science lab to UCSC.

Countering Gang Violence

Sam Farr is deeply involved in helping to reduce the gang violence that plagues some of our communities. He’s not only helped win funding for more local police. He’s supported programs in our schools that teach students how to resolve their differences peacefully, and has delivered critical funding for the innovative Silver Star program in Salinas, which helps at-risk youth break free from gangs and get a new start in life.

Helping Our Vets and Military

Sam Farr deeply respects the sacrifice of America’s military veterans and works to ensure that they receive the care and benefits they’ve earned. Thanks to Sam, there will soon be a new state-of-the-art veterans health clinic at Fort Ord and a veterans cemetery to honor our deceased veterans and military retirees. He’s also fought effectively for our area’s military installations, helping to maintain the Defense Language Institute and the Navy Postgraduate School as premiere educational institutions and securing a Defense Department finance center at Fort Ord that employs over a hundred workers.

Winning Better Health Coverage

Sam Farr helped pass strong new protections preventing insurance companies from cutting off people’s health coverage when they need it most and prohibiting discrimination against children with existing medical conditions. He’s also helped improve Medicare coverage through better terms of reimbursement, and he’s won vital financial support for several of our local hospitals and clinics.


  • 100% on the Human Rights Campaign's 113th Congressional Scorecard
  • Scored 100% on the 2014 Humane Scorecard
  • Scored 95% on "legislation vital to American Retirees" from the Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Scored 100% on the 2014 National Immigration Scorecard
  • Received an "A" on the UFCW Congressional Scorecard
  • Received 95% on the League of Conservation Voter's 2013 National Environmental Scorecard
  • Received 96% on the Peace Action West 2012 Congressional Voting Record
  • Received 100% on the 2012 Humane Scorecard
  • Received 96% on the League of Conservation Voter's 2012 National Environmental Scorecard
  • Received 100% on the American Association of University Women (AAUW)Congressional Scorecard
  • Received an "A+" and Extra Credit on the Citizens for Global Solutions 2012 Congressional Report Card
  • Received an "A" on UFCW's Congressional Scorecard for the 1st Session of the 112th Congress
  • Received 97% rating on the League of Conservation Voters 2011 National Environmental Scorecard
  • Received 100% rating on the League of Conservation Voters 2010 National Environmental Scorecard
  • Received 100% on conservation Votes from The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
  • Best Local Politician, Best of Monterey County Weekly Readers Poll
  • Received 100% on the Federally Employed Women, FEW, Scorecard for 111th Congress, First Session
  • Received 2009 Pioneer Award from the National Tour Association
  • Received 2008 Humane Champion Award from the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society Legislative Fund by receiving a perfect score on the 2008 Humane Scorecard for his work on animal welfare issues.
  • Received an A+ on the 2008 Congressional Report Card issued by the nonpartisan Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Action Fund.
  • Received Perfect Record from National Breast Cancer Coalition for 2007 Priorities
  • 2008 California Wine Institute Leadership Award
  • Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society Legislative Fund 2007 Legislative Leadership Award
  • Senator David Pryor Special Achievement Award
  • United Fresh Congressional Leadership Award
  • University of California at Santa Cruz Fiat Lux Award
  • Orden del Congreso de Colombia
  • Carlos Albizu University Pinnacle of Success Award
  • Named Environmental Hero by the League of Conservation Voters and Scored 90% for 2007 voting record
  • Grade A (96%) from NAACP for 2007 Voting Record
  • Grade A (93%) rating from the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
  • Grade A+ (the highest possible grade) from the American Wilderness Coalition
  • 90 percent on League of Conservation Score Card
  • Volunteer Center National Network Council's Public Policy Award
  • First Congressional Concierge Award by the American Hotel & Motel Association
  • Legislator of the Year by the American Planning Association
  • Year of the Restaurant Award from the National Restaurant Association
  • Awarded 100 percent voting record by such diverse groups as:
    • Planned Parenthood
    • Peace Action & Peace Action West
    • Campaign for United Nations Reform
    • American Association of University Women
    • Human Rights Campaign
    • American Public Health Association
    • Center for Marine Conservation
    • Children's Defense Fund
    • League of Conservation Voters
    • Alliance for Retired Americans
    • American Association of University Women (AAUW)
    • Leadership Conference on Civil Rights


    Over 20 years of getting results...

  • 2010 – present: Aided the White House in including Salinas in its Violence Prevention strategy in order to combat gang violence
  • 2001 – present: Helped to legislate the RCI program which has instigated the rebuilding of military housing at Fort Ord
  • 2001 – present: Championed for the foundation and creation of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Trail
  • 2001 – present: Aided in the presentation and attendance of multiple Annual Citizenship ceremonies
  • 2014: Obtained approval of VA cemetery at Fort Ord
  • 2014: Authored the original Oceans Act, a version of which passed Congress and was signed into law in 2000
  • 2014 and 2013: Passed a bill in the House to name a new VA-DOD health clinic after General Bill Gourley
  • 2013: Ensured a sufficient workforce for the growing and harvest season by helping to get H-2A visas for local growers during the government shutdown
  • 2012 and 2003: Twice secured increased per diems for government rates in the district
  • 2012 and 2000: Helped to craft the “Monterey Model” for contracting municipal services at military bases
  • 2012: Helped to pass the Marine debris bill into law
  • 2012: Legislated elevation of Pinnacles National Monument to a full National Parks status
  • 2012: Aided the White House in implementing the Antiquities Act in order to establish Fort Ord as a National Monument
  • 2012: Finalized a new VA-DOD health clinic
  • 2009 and 1993: Legislated the Economic Development Conveyance for BRAC communities
  • 2008, 2006 and 1996: Aided in the passage of the Proud to be An American Act into law
  • 2008: Negotiated the swap of lands at Fort Ord to allow the expansion of military housing and a new “gateway” for the City of Seaside
  • 2008: Launched the Civilian Response Corps which is composed of a rapid-response team of civilian experts in diplomacy, health, finance, engineering and other vital fields necessary to stabilize countries at risk and help rebuild shattered nations
  • 2008: Introduced A Salad Bar in Every School, a program aimed at legislation which established a new program to provide training, assistance and placement of salad bars in primary and secondary schools through the nation
  • 2007: Established the Center for Homeland Defense and Security
  • 2006: Transferred the Point Pinos Lighthouse to the City of Pacific Grove
  • 2006: Aided in the completion of the Environmental Services Contract Agreement for Fort Ord
  • 2005 and 1995: Saved the Defense Language Institute and the Naval Post-Graduate School from BRAC
  • 2004: Championed and won locality pay for federal workers in Monterey County
  • 2004: Passed a law making California Missions eligible for federal restoration and rehabilitation grants
  • 2004: Legislated FHL lands into a permanent status as a national forest under the direction of the Forest Service, if FHL is ever surplussed by the military
  • 2003: Created the United States Travel and Tourism Board
  • 2002: Prevented the military Navy from expanding bombing runs at Fort Hunter Leggett
  • 2002: Authored federal organic standards legislation into law
  • 2001: Introduced the Wilderness Bill which added over 54,000 acres of National Forest and Bureau Land within the Santa Lucia Mountains to the National Wilderness Preservation System
  • 2000: Worked with the White House to use the Antiquities Act to establish a Coastal National Monument
  • 2000: Created the Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies, as well as a permanent office for it within the State Department
  • 1999: Transferred the EDD-owned building via DOL to the City of Salinas for implementation of it as a child care center
  • 1996 – 2002: Secured the funding for the National Marine Fisheries Service Lab in Santa Cruz
  • 1994 – 1999: Provided approximately $65 million to underwrite the new California State University at Monterey Bay
  • 1994 – 1995: Helped negotiate the financing of the Salinas Valley Water Reclamation Project and the Castroville Water Intrusion Project
  • 1994: Opened the Defense Language Institute up to civilians on a selected, space-available basis
  • Initiated tax incentives that preserve farmland for farming, not urban sprawl
  • Brought millions of dollars to the district for local agricultural projects, including support for organic farming and research into alternatives to methyl bromide
  • Fought to designate California's Route 1 as an "All American Road" - one of only six in the nation
  • Obtained funding for construction of Hartnell's new regional health occupations training center

Election Results

Winning Percentages

Year Percentage
2014: 75%
2012: 74.1%
2010: 66.7%
2008: 73.4%
2006: 75.9%
2004: 67%
2002: 68%
2000: 69%
1998: 65%
1996: 59%
1994: 52%
1993: 52%